A Guide for Eyelash Extension

Long and curly lashes make the eyes pop and the person’s eyes definitely more dramatic. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with dream eyelashes so they would have to find a way to augment what nature has granted them. For some, fake eyelashes do the job but for others looking for a more permanent solution, they would find eyelash extensions more suitable.

Eyelash extensions can last for weeks, with some saying they can last more than a month. The biggest advantage is that after they are installed, you would not need to take so much time every day just to put some cat eyeliner or smokey eyeshadow to make your eyes look bigger. Moreover, they will feel much lighter than false lashes or a thick coat of mascara.

This eyelash extension guide will help you understand what it is before you make an appointment at the salon. Every person has different needs and preferences and you will have to decide which way is best for you to achieve your dream look.

Planning For Eyelash Extensions

  1. Include It In Your Budget

While other beauty products can be equally pricey, eyelash extensions can really cost you almost a hundred dollars every month if you decide to have them all the time. False lashes might be cheaper but some people find attaching them difficult and time-consuming compared to lash extensions. The luxury of waking up with already beautiful lashes might be worth it, in the end. For the best look, you might want to have it checked by the technician regularly so you want to add this to your monthly budget.

  1. Look For Deals

While it is certainly not cheap, there are some discounts out there for first-time customers. You would still want to make sure you go somewhere reputable, with good customer reviews. There are cheaper places out there that are sloppy or might not follow good sanitation practices and you do not want to mess up your extensions or your health trying to save a few bucks.

  1. Read About The Kinds Of Extensions

There are quite a few types of lash extensions out there, which are designed for different eye shapes and styles. For example, someone wants to highlight their deep-set eyes, then they need something different to those who have small eyes. There are also straight lashes and various curved ones. Lastly, there are various lengths and thicknesses to choose from.

A good lash extension technician will be able to advise you on what looks good on you. If you are unsure, then set up an appointment to discuss the look you want to achieve, and the technician can walk you through your options. Another important thing to realize is that your natural lashes will dictate what kind of extensions can be applied. Too thick and heavy ones on thin lashes will lead to broken natural lashes. However, using lash conditioners weeks before the appointment can help make them stronger.

  1. Ask About The Application

A good technician who knows how to properly apply lash extensions will not be cheap, but if the lashes last a few weeks, then it is worth every penny. Make sure to ask for formaldehyde-free glue, which can be harmful or cause allergic reactions. You can also ask the technician to test the glue on your hand first to check if any skin irritation happens.

During And After Your Appointment

  1. Plan Carefully

Your extensions cannot get wet for the first 2 days, so you need to plan accordingly. Otherwise, you will see them get ruined and your money wasted. Even sweat can damage them, so save the workout for another time.

  1. Brush Them Regularly

Your technician will give you a spoolie that you can use to brush them so they do not clump or get bent.

  1. Opt For Facial Wipes

While you can still get your lashes wet, it is not the best way to make them last longer. A secret is to use facial wipes for the areas around the eyes so that you can clear it of makeup without getting the extensions too wet. Never use oil-based products because they can break down the glue.

  1. Never Tug At The Extensions

Not only will it destroy your extensions, but it can also damage your natural lashes. This also includes using an eyelash curler and sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase.

Eyelash extensions can really make your eyes look more dramatic and beautiful. They are, however, not as cheap as false eyelashes, so it is important to be sure that it is the best option for you before you make that appointment at the salon.